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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

InTouch Insurance Show KLAV 1230 AM (Thursdays 9 to 10am)

Great show this morning. We went over how to choose your auto liability limits which included:

  1. Purchasing sufficient limits to account for both your current assets and future net worth
  2. Limits required when leasing a vehicle (100,000/300,000)
  3. Pricing considerations (doubling your limits will not double your premium)
  4. What happens when you have insufficient limits (possible liquidation of property, savings and other assets, attachment of future earnings)
  5. The need for Uninsured Motorists (UM) coverage and the fact that the amount of UM coverage that can be purchased is limited by the amount of Bodily Injury coverage you purchase.
  6. Reviewed Comprehensive and Collision coverage.
  7. Reminded that auto insurance coverage and limits are part of a total insurance program and other coverages you have (such as medical/health insurance) also need to be considered.

We also reviewed Renters Coverage, what it covers (Your personal belongings and your personal liability), and the fact that it is often available for $ 20 a month or less.

And finally we talked about some of our commercial insurance clients and how we at InTouch Insurance Centers protect and promote your business (free commercials during our show and promotion in our monthly newsletters) We also mentioned some of the classes of business we insure including landscapers, restaurants, dog groomers, auto shops and more.

Small Business Owners Ask yourself this question - When is the last time your insurance agent did anything to help drive business to you?  If the answer is NEVER - maybe its time for you to get InTouch!

Tune in next Thursday for another great show.

If you missed todays show, you can download it here